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Had a terrible migraine today. Not 100% yet but before those micros had a chance to fully dissolve I felt better: slept hard for a good hour. Woke up without pain or nausea but a bad case of the munchies

- Monique H. Oakland, CA

Hello my name is Ernesto and I'm a disabled veteran and I have tried your product and I have to say that it works the best of anything I've ever tried and it keeps me in control of my senses as a veteran. I suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, survivor's guilt, and severe pain in my back and knees shoulders and your product has helped me tremendously

- Ernesto M. - Thousand Oaks, CA

Wow, so delicious! I have celiac so I can never eat brownies or stuff like that. I just tried your raspberry truffle wow. Great work and keep it up!

- Robert - Oakley, CA.

I'm (a young:) 72 yrs old and my friends and I get together to play cards, gossip and drink tea...with micros inside. Your product makes everything more fun and less painful.

- Audrey P. - San Francisco. CA

I am an insomniac and new cannabis user recently and was recently introduce to micros by a freind who swears by them. Amazing is all I can say!!! I had my best sleep in forever the first night I tried!!!! The fact this is federally illegal is a joke as your little mints work better than the crap I've been taking from pharma companies for years. Thank you for a great product.-

- Paula N. - Berkeley. CA

The Stokes Micros have traveled with me to 3 Continents in the last 6 discreet and easy to take anywhere yet super effective. Best product ever!!!

- Carl Z. Orinda, CA