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Stokes Confections Watermelon Micros Review


I’m pleased as punch to see companies in our industry come to embrace the low dose patient, recognizing that a 5 mg baseline is recommended as the average psychoactive dose for beginners.  For those patients who only require single digit THC numbers, products like Stokes Watermelon Micros are the perfect low dose choice.  And with packaging similar to a pill bottle, Stokes Micros are a fitting match to your medicine cabinet at home, your desk at the office, or anywhere else you keep your pharmaceuticals.


Stokes Micros are not much bigger than a tic tac or Starbucks mint, making them discreet and unobtrusive.  Because they are fast acting, thanks to sublingual uptake, they are an efficient way to medicate.  Each bottle of Stokes candies contains 20 individual micros at 5 mg each, for a total of 100 mg per package.


Mercifully sugar free and less than 3 calories per micro, they won’t leave you pudgy like more saccharine sweets.  Stokes are available in a range of flavors, like Honey Lemon Ginger and Mint, but we tested the subtly sweet watermelon.  They are just a bit sour in the back of the throat, especially if chewed up.  But the watermelon flavoring is spot on and did all it could to cover the cannabis.


Stokes are made with a solventless extraction of organic cannabis, so you can be sure you are medicating safely and are lab tested to guarantee potency.  Patients who need to closely manage their intake will appreciate Stokes’ reliability: no more trying to pull off tiny pieces of a 250 mg brownie and guessing the milligram count.


As a moderate patient who enjoys 35-70 mg per dose, I found that these tiny mints can also work to accent or maintain an existing high, magnifying and extending effects.  Long after a high should wear off, Stokes Micros can keep it going.  Kept conveniently at hand, these tiny candies are excellent for times when open medicating is impossible and discretion is necessary.


Regardless of tolerance, all levels of patient can find a place for Stokes Micros, delighting in their ease of precise dosing, low calorie flavor, and unassuming use in public.



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